Book reviews:    Common Birds of East Africa

Common Birds of East Africa
Martin B. Withers & David Hosking
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HarperCollins Publishers
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This safari guide by Collins is a small and easy to tuck away bird guide on East African bird. It is a guide which uses color photographs and a short text to describe the identification of the bird. As the title indicates this book concentrates on the more common spieces. Of the almost 1300 species occuring in East Africa about 360 species are included in the book.

The book starts with a very nice general introduction (about 12 pages) on safari photography. Unless you are a professional or very expereinced amateur, this will be very interesting and helpfull.

The rest of the book shows the color photographs on the right with identification text on the left. When there are major differences between sexes or mature and immature birds these are also shown in different photographs. At the end of the book there is an index with english names.

Photographs in this book are very good quality and identification is easy. The book is not comprehensive of all species but does show those species that you are likely to encounter on a safari in eastern Africa. The size of the book makes it very easy to use.



Conclusion: If you are not looking for a book that includes all the East African bird species, this is a very nice choise. Its small and easy to handle and has good quality photographs of the common birds in the area. Highly recommended.

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