Book reviews:    Birds of East Africa

Birds of East Africa
Dave Richards
1-85368 560 7
New Holland Publishers
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This a small truly pocket sized book, measuring 10x19cm (4x7.5 inches). The size of this series of books is very handy. You will always ahve room in your pockets to store one or even a few of these little books. In this series there are guides on a number of subjects. Its small size is a benefit but also a restriction. A book this small can of course never be comprehensive. This one covers 265 bird species of eastern Africa.
Each bird is shown with a nice color photograph, sometimes even two photographs if there are big differences in sex of adult/immature.  The photographs in this book are very good quality indeed. Most photographs are made by the author, Dave Richards, who is a very good bird photographer. There is also a distribution map for each bird. The text concentrates on identification of the bird but it also has a few remarks about the habitat type where the bird can be found.








Conclusion: It is certainly not comprehensive but very small and handy. Nice for walking safaris and for beginning birders. More experienced birders are probably willing to carry the extra weigth of a book with more species.

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