Book reviews:    Nature and Wildlife Photography A Practical Guide to How to Shoot and Sell

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Nature and Wildlife Photography: A Practical Guide to How to Shoot and Sell
Susan McCartney
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This book is about how to shoot and sell nature and wildlife images. It is written by Susan McCartney a photographer who has travelled all over the world for her work. She has also written a similar book on travel photography and teaches at the School of Visual Arts.

The book is very comprehensive and has lots of information on all kind of subjects related to wildlife photography. It deals with equipment, light and exposure. There are chapters about animal photography, bird photography, landscapes and plants. And even macro work and underwater photography. In my opinion these chapters are all written for amateur photographers with an interest into nature photography. Nothing wrong with that. For this purpose the book is very nice. But for experienced amateur photographers with a serious interest in selling their work, this book is too simple. It is aimed at beginners. Again nothing wrong with that, but the title suggests different. Sure there is information as well about selling your work but somehow it doesn't fit. The ten self-assignments are very nice and helpfull. For a beginning photographer they do lead you to better results.

What I do like about the book is the last part where Susan McCartney interviews some leading wildlife photographers. There are about 60 pages with interviews with people like: Heather Angel, Jim Brandenburg, Frans Lanting, Roger Tory Peterson and Art Wolfe. These interviews are really very nice to read.

Conclusion: My guess is that it was written for amateur photographers who are starting out in photography and dream about being a pro. This is a nice book about nature photography, but it won't help you to become a professional. If that is what you are really interested in then John Shaws book is so much better. But it is a nice book about nature photography and to me the interviews at the end alone make the book worthwhile.

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