Book reviews:    Guide to Southern African Game & Nature reserves

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Guide to southern Africa Game & Nature reserves
Chris & Tilde Stuart
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4th, 1997
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This is an essential guide book if you intend to travel in any of the southern african countries on your own. The book describes virtually all national parks and nature reserves  (maybe except for a few very small private reserves) in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe Zambia and Malawi. All together over 400 reserves are described in the book. Chris and Tilde Stuart have travelled entensively through all of these countries for many many years, studying the wildlife. So there is nobody better qualified to write such a book. The information presented in this book is very valuable if you intend to travel in this area. If you are planning a trip on your own in this area, I would consider this book to be a vital asset. You can read about all the places you intend to visit. See if there are nice camping sites en route between to places you are visiting etc. All reserves have very clear maps, showing either how to get there or the reserve itself.

book28b.jpg (38455 bytes)Each country is presented seperately in the book. First you will see a large map of the country with all reserves in it. Numbers on the map will point you to the place where the reserves are described seperately and in detail. Each reserve first has a general description of the reserve, habitat(s) and wildlife. Then the location and how to get there is very clearly described. There is also a map of the reserve or the area around it to show you how to get there. Accomodation, facilities and opening times are also listed. Together with the address and/or telephone and faxnumbers to contact the reserve.

Although the biggest part of the book is in black and white, which is certainly no problem, it also has several pages with nice color photographs of the reserves described.

At the end of the book there are lists of usefull address and telephone numbers of wildlife organizations and safari operators. We have used this book very much when preparing our trips in southern Africa and the information proved to be accurate.

Conclusion: If you are interested in national parks and nature reserves in southern Africa, then this book will tell you everything you want to know. If you are living in this area of the world or if you are planning a trip to this part, I consider this book to be absolutely vital. I have used it quite a lot in planning trips myself and I can highly recommend it.

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