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The African Wildlife
Nigel Dennis
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This magnificent book is the fifth book by wildlife photographer Nigel Dennis and shows a selection of his best work. Nigel Dennis is an English wildlife photographer who started out in the mid 1980's in England and concentrates on southern African wildlife. He works together with his wife Wendy, who also photographs. The book is produced very beautifully with lots of care. It has a hard cover and is rather large, about A3 size (approx. 12" by 15"). Because of this and the high quality paper, the pictures are awesome. The book is dived into separate sections, each showing a different group of animals: Larger cats, Dogs and Hyenas, Big Game, Primates etc. The last section of the book showing the wildlife of Madagascar. Many of the pictures are full page sized, sometimes even spread over two pages. All pictures have a caption of a few lines and each section has an introduction. But this book concentrates on image rather than text.

Because this couple concentrates on southern Africa, they know the region very well and are able to spend lots of time at one spot. This does show in the book. The photography is of very high standard. Each single picture is pin-sharp. You can really count all hairs in a lion's or chimp's face. Having been in (southern) Africa many times myself to photograph wildlife, I can only see the photography in this book as an example of a level to aim for. The pictures range from very nice portraits showing exactly in close up what an animal looks like,  to touching like the one spread over two pages showing a young elephant between the legs of his mother and aunts. Some of the pictures are "field guide style", showing the animal as clearly as possible, while other's are more of an art form, e.g. showing a few wildebeest backlit by the setting sun.

Conclusion: This is a great book. Both in size and in quality. It shows some of the best pictures of this photographer's work. Each picture again, you'll look at it and think, wow. All pictures are extremely high quality and catching. Besides being "just" a very beautiful book, this book also shows an overview of all of the larger wildlife that can be found in southern Africa. So I can recommend this book to both wildlife photographers as a great example and to people with an interest in the region. If you have ever traveled this part of the world, this book will keep bringing back memories.

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More information on this photographer can be found on his own website.

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