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Frans Lanting
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Magnificent photobook by the world famous wildlife photographer Frans Lanting, who is indeed one of the very best wildlife photographers. Frans Lanting has been an assignment photographer for National Geographic for many years and has published many photobooks, ranging from the arctic to tropical jungles all around the world.

This book shows his photographs from expeditions to the deep freezer in the south. The photos are truly beautiful and reflect the harsh living conditions of these special birds. Specially the photographs of the little chicks will be endearing. But also the other photos show the same level of perfection. What more can one say about a book of this master?

As usual you will find an index in the back with all photographs as thumbnails together with a description. There is also some (brief) information about the equipment used and the conditions under which the photographs were made. This book has been published in several language editions. It has a hard cover and the paper and print quality is very high.

Conclusion: I can truly recommend this marvellous book by the master himself !

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