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Frans Lanting
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The latest book by Frans Lanting, one of the very best wildlife photographers in the world. This Dutch wildlife photographer who now lives in California has been on many assignments for National Geographic and has published many books. Jungles is his newest, showing the beauty of jungles from southern America to Africa and Asia. The book has a hard back and is big and heavy. Packed with beautiful photos. It has been published with very high quality paper and print work and with an eye for detail. The text has been written once again by Christine Eckstrom, who lives together with Frans and accompanies him on his trips.

I have visited his Jungle exhibition at the Museum of Natural History (Naturalis) at the University of Leiden in the The Netherlands. There quite a lot of his work from this book could be viewed in very large format. It was an amazing experience. I bought this book at the museum and couldn't wait to get home, to see the rest of his work. The photos not on display are just as good as the one who were. The entire book is a delight to browse through. Each photograph can be studied and every time you see it once again, you are again caught by the beauty.

At the back of the book you will find all pictures as thumbnails with a description. There is also some information on how the photographs were taken. The kind of work that goes into getting such beautiful shots in a jungle environment. Reading about the kind of hardship that he and his friend Christine had to endure to get these pictures, makes you even more respect his work.

Conclusion: Only one conclusion possible. Get this book by one of the best wildlife photographers. Looking at the pictures, you'll see why he is regarded one of the best. If not the best. Also the book is published in very high quality.

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