Book reviews:    Natural Visions, creative tips for wildlife photography

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Natural visions, Creative tips for wildlife photography
Heather Angel
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First Edition 2000
Amphoto Books / Watson-Guptill Publications
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This book by Heather Angel is a bit different from other books on wildlife photography. It is not a how-to book that will teach you how to make great wildlife photographs with regard to technique and equipment. While other books often have extensive chapters on these subjects, this book only shows photographs as examples. Each photograph has some data like camera, lens and film used. But more important each photograph has a caption which describes why this photograph was made and why like this. So it is certainly not a course type book if you would like to learn about photography. For that matter there are other books far more suitable. This book tries to show you how to look at your subjects. 

book42b.jpg (14628 bytes)The book has a square size and is in paperback. The quality of the paper is very good and the photographs are printed nicely. Although the book is divided into several different chapters, this wouldn't have been necessary. Each chapter starts with a small introductionary text. Then you will find pictures with captions. The pictures in this book range from flowers and landscapes to African cats and penguins. It shows a selection of Heather's work throughout the years and may sometimes seem put together randomly. It is a nice book to browse through at home and maybe get some ideas about how to photograph your subject.

Heather Angel is a renowned wildlife photographer from Great Britain who has written many books on the subject of wildlife photography. She has traveled all over the world for her photography and has won many international prices and awards.

If you are looking for a book to learn about the techniques of wildlife photography, this is not the right book for you. There is nothing about technique, nor about equipment. This book shows beautiful wildlife photographs with captions. It deals more with why the pictures are made this way, than how. Still the pictures are good quality and it is nice to browse through this book to get ideas and inspiration. 

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