Book reviews:    Photographing Wildlife, techniques for portraying animals in natural habitats

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Photographing Wildlife
Patricia Caulfield
0 8174 5443 8
Amphoto, Watson-Guptill Publications
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Another nice book by Amphoto on the subject of wildlife photography. It is written by Patricia Caulfield, an american woman with a long career in wildlife photography. She has been a professional wildlife and nature photographer since 1967 and has written several books on the subject. Her work has appeared in many magazines, such as Audobon and National Geographic.

book44b.jpg (36854 bytes)The book is a basic book for beginners on the subject of wildlife and nature photography and also suitable for people who already have some photographic experience. It is well written and easy to understand.

It is set up very logically in eight chapters:
- Equipment and materials
- Light and exposure
- Composition
- Birds
- Mammals
- Amphibians and reptiles
- Insects
- At the zoo
And there is also an appendix with very usefull information on: close up photography, camera traps, working at night etc.

Although this book is not one of the newest on this subject, it is still very much up to date as it does (fortunately) not comment on the latest camera systems. All the techniques described are just as up to date and valid as they were when the book was first published. I would recommend this book as a very nice general book on the subject of wildlife and nature photography. It describes the total field of this kind of photography on an easy to understand introductionary level. For the already more advanced photographer this book will still be nice to browse through, but it will not reveal much news.

Conclusion:  A nice general book on wildlife and nature photography for the beginning photographer.

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