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Wild Bird Photography
Tim Gallagher
Lyons & Burford, Publishers
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A while ago I searching the internet for books on wildlife photography and bird photography specifically. This one showed up, but it is hard to tell whether it is worth buying it. I did get it as a birthday present and I am very pleased with it. It is certainly worth buying the book. The book is written by Tim Gallagher, a bird photographer who is also the editor of Living Bird, the magazine of the ornithology department of Cornell. In the book it shows that Tim is not only a photographer but a bird specialist as well.

book46b.jpg (29854 bytes)The book covers all the important topics you would expect. It starts with a chapter on equipment, telling you what to look for in cameras, lenses, flash, tripods etc. Of course there is information on the use of film as well.

Then the book goes on about the real field work. There are chapters on stalking, using hides, birds in flight, nest photography etc. All of these with a lot of information from the vast personal experience of the writer.

But here is also chapter dealing with where to photograph birds, something that beginning photographers often find very difficult. The writer shows that you can photograph birds in many different locations. You don't have to be in southern Florida. Even your own backyard will do. There are tips on how to attract birds and photograph them naturally.

Then there is more information about travelling with all your gear and how to properly care for your equipment. Finally there is a chapter on how and where to sell your results, again with valuable information from the writer's personal experience.

Conclusion: A very nice book on bird photography. This one doesn't deal very much with all the equipment and technicalities. It is much more a very practical book from the vast experience of the writer. You'll find information on where and how to photograph birds, the real fieldwork. If you already have a book on the technical side, you will want to have this as well for the practical side. Highly recommended!

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