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Chased by the Light
Jim Brandenburg
2nd , 2001 Paperback
North Word Press
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This book is not a book on the subject of teaching you how to do wildlife and nature photography. It is a photobook by a very well-known american nature photographer, Jim Brandenburg. The book is printed in "landscape format" which can make it difficult to fit into your book shelve. But then most pictures are still taken in landscape format and this book shows them very well.

book55b.jpg (22841 bytes)All images in this book are taken in a 90-day period. The back cover mentiones that Jim Brandenburg has taken one picture only during a 90 day period and that these pictures are covered in the book. I am not sure how literally we should take this, as I find it a bit hard to believe.

The pictures in the book however are mostly very beautiful. Some are more artistic than pure nature photographs. Maybe they show more how the photographer felt the landscapes than how he saw them. And I guess that is axactly his intention.

I got this book as a present and I do like many of the images in it. It is nice to browse through the book for inspiration. Personally I would probably not buy it myself, but that is because his style of photography is so different from mine. But still a source of inspiration.

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